Education is not preparation for life;

education is life itself.

Our mission is to provide educational and athletic opportunities that allow children to reach their full intellectual and physical potential. Breakaway Academy is recognized as a highly respected private education academy, committed to a child’s success, integrity and excellence.


Breakaway Academy is dedicated to the academic growth of students. By the time your son/daughter graduates from 8th grade they will be ready to attend the school of their choice.


Breakaway Academy is a complete hockey development program that includes accelerated on ice and on field training, mental training, personal and team development. ​

Our Goal

To create a solid foundation of knowledge, strength and character by providing opportunities for 5th—8th graders to receive an excellent education while pursuing a competitive hockey program.

A  Dream Team

It takes a team of dedicated staff to make sure Breakaway Academy is keeping true to our mission. We’re fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause. We have over 20+ teachers and instructors to ensure we create a solid foundation of knowledge, strength and character.

Dave Snuggerud
Dave Snuggerud

Dave is one of the founders at Breakaway Academy. He has been a licensed teacher for 20+ years and believes education comes first.

Andy Brink

​Andy is one of the founders at Breakaway Academy and is a Social Studies Instructor & Director of Athletic Development.

Kimberly Roane
Kimberley Roane

​​Kimberley is the Language Arts teacher and is a licensed teacher with 18 years of experience. She is also fluent in Spanish.

Jeff Metzler
Jeff Metzler

Jeff is the curriculum director at Breakaway Academy. Jeff teaches math and has been teaching middle school students for 18 years. Jeff has a master degree in education.

Joyce Thomas
Joyce Thomas

Joyce is the Special Education Director and also a 5th Grade Teacher. She has been a licensed teacher for over 15 years.

DaveLearn more about one of our founders, Dave Snuggerud.

Dave Snuggerud is the Director of Education at Breakaway Academy. He earned his Master Degree in Education at the University of Minnesota. Dave is a licensed teacher for 20 years. Dave worked for the Wayzata Public Schools teaching Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science for 18 years. He captained the University of Minnesota men’s hockey team in 1989, participated in the 1988 winter Olympics, and played in the NHL with the Buffalo Sabres, San Jose Sharks, and Philadelphia Flyers.
Dave and his wife Ann have been married for 18 years and have four children, Jake (17), Ellie (15), Emma (12), and Jimmy (10).

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